Sound Therapy One to One 

Private Session

Andrea offers a safe place for an individual (one to one) to experience the relief 

given by a sound bath and bespoke BIO wave session.

Rebalance, Rejuvenate, Restore

One to One Sessions with Andrea

Crystal Bowls   /   Tibetan Bowls   /  Vocal Toning  /  Bio Wave energy

are all used for this 1 to 1.5 hour session

Testimony " 

  • These creatively designed sessions are for individuals  to help decrease your

      pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

  • To increase motivation , self-esteem, reduce muscle tension and decrease anxiety

  •  To improve self-awareness and strengthen coping skills.

  • To naturally lift mood and assist with insomnia 

BOOK PRIVATE SESSION     $165 - Pay Here   Or   email  with request/question


Group Session - Corporate / Staff Team Building

6 week Program  (Maximum 10 people)

This is a a major change therapy. 

We use augmented tuning  Music  /  Lyrics  /  Sound  /  Voice   /   Rhythm  /  Bowls /   Discussion

Week 1 -  For staff and management 

Sound Science and why it works


Stress and how it effects you

How to get rid of it and get relief.
(4 hours with break)

Week 2

Exploring what works for you..

A variety of Sounds to ease and relieve (1 hour)

Week 3

Sound Connection exercise

Sound and moving negative energy

( 2.5 hour with Break)

Week 4  

Release with Sound

(1 hour)

Week 5  

Bespoke one to one each person gets a private session with Andrea

(3 hours)

Week 6  

Bespoke one to one each person gets a private session

(3 hours)

  • These creatively designed sessions are for groups to increase communication and camaraderie


  • To help decrease your pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression, reduce muscle tension,  decrease anxiety,


  • To improve self-awareness ​

  • To increase motivation, self-esteem and to strengthen coping skills.

  • To naturally lift mood and bring balance

WHY?  Because it's NATURAL

We are not machines that's why responding well to a flow of energy in sound form.

Raising your vibrations raises so much about you.  Indigenous cultures, ancient Greeks used music to cure

mental states and it has been used to help heal the body and spirit. Humans have a natural instinct

for sound therapy. Just think about how you can lift a mood with a  favourite song or sooth and

induce sleep in a baby with a lullaby. Its all in the frequencies.

I can give you science and can even tell you :

*Studies have shown that cows produce more milk when they are listening to music. 'What?"

*Music is deeply connected to the very essence of the soul. 'Really?'

*It has been proven to heal and transform. "No Way?'

Need to know more - BLOG

Life changing healing effects

Reduced stress and anxiety significantly

Dramatically improved sleep quality

Promoted happiness and sense of well-being

Lowered anger and blood pressure

Improved circulation and blood flow

Relaxation and pain relief

Increased mental and emotional clarity

Better meditation


Andrea is an allied health professional therapist, breath work teacher and the Founder of Mind Set Success.

She has been a musician, singer, Choir Leader, Sound Engineer, intuit, reader and creative for decades.

Had successfully run a self devised Council and Federally funded program for people with Disabilities, for over 5 years

She is an author of an EBOOK , has written and produced numerous works from plays to 4 music CD' s

Her audio covers original pop songs of varied genres and cover Music - Jazz to Blues.

The Crystal Singing bowl audio for health and well being is at SOUND ETHERIC.

This Audio was created by Andrea Szabo and Dr Kate Shapland.

The ethereal sounds move through your body clearing channels of blocked energy,

allowing the mind and body to feel renewed and re-energized. ​BUY MP3 for $5


Mudgeeraba Music Centre is the Sound Etheric Hub.


We shall begin a new group program End March. Register your interest 

Private session bookings by appointment

Andrea also gives a group sound session meditation with crystal bowl once a fortnight by Donation

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