Andrea's Story


TAROT came to me via my Hungarian Gypsy heritage and

a tremendous desire to encourage self-awareness.

I offer you a reading that gives you more than insight...

You can walk away with a clear direction, greater understanding

of yourself and a knowledge of how your life can unfold.   


" The beginning of my journey started early in life. I remember numerous times waving my arms in the air commanding the wind to blow. - In perspective - It was a childish game and I only was 5 years old. I did, however, still have a feeling of a 'Big Picture' and remember feeling an energy and connection which has stayed with me to date. It was in fact, my Hungarian father, who handed me my first pack of tarot cards at the age of 30. By then life had encouraged me to focused on learning ways to heal myself - Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual maturation created a voracious appetite for reading, study, attending workshops, talks and lectures on an amazing array of topics. So here I am taking the knowledge I’ve gained and turning it outward onto the world for you. Evolutionary Tarot is a powerful way to accelerate the maturation of the soul so that one can find deeper understanding, move beyond fears, and expand consciousness. My keen interest in the Healing arts, Energy consciousness, and the Quantum realm make for an exciting journey reading that weaves a clear picture for you and a map towards evolutionary growth. For past decades I have read for many people, men, women, young adults, and the elderly. It is always a privilege to share time and insight with a fellow human on this journey called life." 


Andrea Szabo Singer


In the past I was led to local radio, and had my own show on the Tweed Coast NSW. I have written, produced, and directed plays, have worked on stage as an MC, comedian and singer. I am in a series on Netflix Called "Irreverent"  coming out June 2022. For the last 15 years I have run an all-woman choir on the Gold Coast Called Sing Sisters. I am a published songwriter with 3 CD's to my name. You can listen to my music on the official music website.

ANDREA SZABO Tarot Answers


I have been immersed in the practice of health and well-being for the last 20 years.  For myself personally, and as a practitioner and educator. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree, have a Certificate ll in Youth Mentoring, completed basic Counselling training, obtained a TAE certificate IV (qualified trainer), and am a “walk the talk” individual who practices what I preach.

​As a graduate of the Academy of Insight and Behavioural Science, with many years of mentoring, educating, performing clinical hypnotherapy and motivational facilitation, I can offer you​ experience and insight like no other. I see us all from a holistic perspective. I have been transforming  many, many 100's of lives over the last two decades with personal development workshops and as an Employee Assist Facilitator/Speaker. It has been a privilege and ​pleasure. ​​​The development vehicles in my various past workshops include valid cognition training, drama scenario expression, self-hypnosis, performing arts Government funded program for people with Disabilities, personal expression, vocal expression, Archetypes and behavior even music therapy if appropriate. My current online Personal Development series is called the Intentional Living ProgramI am an advanced teacher, public speaker, tech lover, and as an educator have presented at numerous staff meetings, seminars, symposiums, festivals and conferences. I am an author and you can download my free Ebook, coping with stress HERE

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I was was born in Sydney, and attended Granville South High School and the University Of Western Sydney (Nepean Campus) I now live and work on the Gold Coast QLD Australia. I get around with two sticks, a walker or electric wheel chair.

At any time, I may even be dancing on the inside at this wondrous life I have. 

My tenacious endurance, esoteric understanding and practice, along with my

positive mind set allow me to move through my days with much joy and gratitude 

 I am not DiSabled - I am DiFabled.

     I move through the world DiFFerently.   

          Andrea Szabo October  2021 during filming Netflix Series "Irreverent" at Mission Beach Australia.

Disability is not for me
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