Group Sound Session

You all will be able to lie back and relax (or sit in a chair) whilst Andrea Szabo uses the sound from crystal bowls and voice to bring relaxation and calmness to your life. Joined by Garry on didgeridoo experience how it feels to be less stressed, happier and calmer. This state in turn ripples out to effect the well being of your family, friends and life.  5th March is this special Event

To be comfortable : Bring Yoga Mat, Blanket, Pillow, Water and loose clothes for comfort.


This is NOT religious or ideologically based 


Communmity Hall - Jim Harris Park  Mattocks Road  Varsity Lakes 4227

26th JUNE 2.45pm SUNDAY  Pre pay or AT THE DOOR


SPEICAL EVENT  -  Special Guest Elder

Garry with his Didgeridoo

Cost $25

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Limited numbers 

Sound Healing Science

Sound healing is a form of vibrational energy where musical instruments are used with the intention to enhance, and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  This modality has been effectively used by many cultures in healing rituals for eons. We use primarily Crystal Bowls, voice, bells, chimes and occasionally didgeridoo, drums, synthesized frequencies, and the participants own voice to create what we believe to be healing, relaxing, and nurturing audio.

The Crystal Bowl, Voice, Didgeridoo, Bells, Chimes and Tibetan Bowls are the basis for most of our SOUND SESSIONS

Community Healing 

Indigenous cultures, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, worked

with healing as a holistic process. Connections to culture, family and land were primary in 

bringing balance to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  The Digereedo is an ancient instrument used by and for the culture to correct imbalance and connect spirit


Energy Shift

Physicists have found that everything is made up of frequency and vibration.

We at Sound Etheric encourage people to use their voices therapeutically for self-transformation.

The quality of your voice is not the issue, only the deep intention behind it. No previous experience is necessary. The vibrations of the human voice, applied consciously as a therapeutic instrument, have the resonating power to stimulate, release, and balance the fine healing energies that create harmony and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. 


Shift Your Brain State

Did you know that brain wave patterning affects your mood and behavior?

Beta wave patterns are emitted when we are consciously alert, agitated, tense, or afraid, with frequencies ranging from 13 to 60 pulses per second in the Hertz scale.

Alpha wave patterns are emitted when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, although aware of what is happening around us. Their frequency is between 7 to 13 pulses per second.

It has been proven that brain waves can show reduced oscillation when listening to appropriate audio/sounds, and lowered brain waves are tied to enhanced levels of relaxation and creativity. There is some evidence that a low range of sound frequencies could help heal both the body and the mind from extreme stress and/or other ailments. Some hypothesize that the altered oscillation rhythm can reset the brain’s sodium / potassium ratio back to natural levels. The theory behind this is that if you are stuck in a state of high stress, these ratios are thrown out of homeostatic balance. Some believe that increasing slow wave activity, particularly in the alpha range, can help boost our immune system is also said to Release Anti-Aging hormones, reducing adrenaline levels.


Give yourself a break

Musical bowl combined with natural tones, notes and sounds make the group session and audio not only a healing modality, but a source of rejuvenation, regeneration and relaxation.    


$165 - Pay Here   


Once Covid has passed Andrea will again engage in one to one Sound Therapy sessions.

Private and Bespoke

"Sound Etheric AUDIO"   -   BUY MP3 NOW

Crystal Singing bowl audio for healing.

This Cd/Audio was created by Andrea Szabo and Dr Kate Shapland.


The ethereal sounds move through your body clearing channels

of blocked energy, allowing the mind and body to feel renewed and re-energized. 

Live crystal bowl recording
Sonic Therapy 
SOund Etheric.png

This 33 min track is available to buy as an MP3 to play on your devices   


You may be wanting a reading.

If so, you must book prior the day. 

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